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Moracon Air-Conditioning’s service offerings support the following HVAC range, across both Commercial Property and Residential applications:

Split Systems:

Mid-Wall | Ceiling Cassette | Hide Away Ducted | Under Ceiling | Floor Standing

Compact Systems:

Packaged Roof Top Ducted | Evaporative Cooler | Window Wall | Console | Air Curtains.

Mechanical Ventilation:

Ventilation and Industrial Fans | Air Filtration and Purification

Preventative Maintenance

We specialize in preforming planned preventative maintenance services on all makes of air-conditioning systems.

Moracon offers efficient and sustainable maintenance solutions, tailored for most applications, operating conditions, customer preference and budgets. Maintenance plans are geared proportionally to an assessment of the AC system/s operating tempo & ambient conditions, to best upturn efficiency, general resilience and useful longevity.


Moracon’s technical teams are proficient in fault finding and equipped with the experience, accredited skill set and specialized industry tools to handle most component repair/ replacement jobs on site both efficiently and safely.

Design, Sizing and Sales

Moracon offers professional advice on proper system choice to best suit the application and efficiently achieve the desired requirement. Heat load factors, structural constraints and customer preferences are but a few factors that are considered when assessing and designing a suitable air-conditioning solution.

We strongly advise that you make use of our qualified assessment staff for a precise measurement and evaluation for the more demanding applications and larger areas.

Installation & Commissioning

All installations are professionally carried out in accordance to industry standards and aligned to manufacturers specifications. Installation projects are properly managed and deadlines are understood and met.

Decommissioning and/or re-installation of existing systems are included in our service offerings.

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